Accountancy concepts

Plus audit, statutory audits and a broad sparring partner besides


Specifically for companies that consider an accountant not only valuable for statutory audits, but also as a more general sparring partner and wish to utilise his benchmark capabilities and network. We contribute to your thinking process regarding broader business issues, including those outside of the financial framework. The cost of this is in line with market prices, yet you benefit from the added value provided by our Q-Concepts accountants. The Audit “Plus” distinguishes itself through:


  • High-level partner and manager involvement
  • Interim discussions (sparring sessions) about broader business issues
  • Appealing visual reports which include expert sector input;


Your company can avail itself of the benchmark option with regard to sector peers.


Classic audit, statutory audit as a financial test

Specifically for companies that utilise the statutory audit as a checking tool for financial functioning and accountability. Companies that would like to develop their administrative organisation and internal management and harbour the ambition to optimise their business. After all, we visit many different companies and this benchmark knowledge is at your disposal. Because of our low overheads we are able to offer this option at a competitive price as well. It includes:


  • Solid partner/manager involvement
  • Appealing visual reports
  • Interim meetings with you and your audit team to discuss broader business issues


Basic audit, statutory audit as a requirement

Specifically for companies that feel that the statutory audit is merely an obligation to be fulfilled and only consider the basic points of an audit to be relevant.

We offer an annual account audit at an extremely competitive price. This is possible because:

  • Your audit team only carries out those activities that are required for the issue of the auditor’s report
  • You do not receive elaborate reports, but a brief and concise presentation of our audit findings
  • Our partner/manager involvement with the assignment is aimed at guaranteeing a quality service provision
  • We are able to offer you an attractive fixed price if you opt for a 3-year minimum contract