Industry peers

Industry peers

No competition, but flexible cooperation

Obtaining an AFM license is a costly matter and the continuous compliance requirements of this license are administratively complicated and demanding. Many smaller accountancy firms grapple with the question whether it’s efficient to maintain the license. Have you ever considered this? Or will you be evaluating the license’s worth in the short term? Then maybe you could consider the following concept:


Q-Audit Only

We can offer you a unique cooperation concept: even if you cancelled or the license mentioned above or it was terminated, you can continue to serve your clients. We can act as licensed accountants and therefore issue the statement on behalf of your clients. Naturally we are bound by statutory activities that need to be satisfied before we can issue a statement; however, these activities can be performed together with you. If you do more, we do less. And vice versa. The benefit for you? You don’t need a licence, you retain the bulk of your business and you are able to offer the same services to your clients. We guard the quality and shoulder the responsibility. You can safely outsource (a part of) you accountant’s audits, we guarantee that the services you provide now will remain with you. We’ll give you that in writing! Another advantage is that your employees receive coaching in carrying out audits from experienced chartered accountants in our unique cooperation concept, whereby they gain valuable experience themselves.


Support with your license application

If you reach the conclusion that it is more efficient for you to apply for a license, or to maintain your existing license, then we can help you to simplify your license application. Contact us for more information, without committing yourself to anything.


Interim staffing

It is difficult to get your staffing levels right and maintain them, we know this first hand. There are times when you employ too many or not enough people, sometimes both at the same time. We would like to look at the opportunity to be able to work out a mutually beneficial cooperation in this area.  


More information?

Does our ethos appeal to you and would you like flexible cooperation? Then contact us for an informal meeting.