Q-Concepts Interim

Q-Concepts Interim

After staff turnover in important financial positions or a temporary absence of the right knowledge in the right place, it sometimes takes a long time to fill those spaces. The result is a (temporary) lack of management for the organisation(al unit) concerned, which could result in a large backlog of necessary measures and a clouded focus for the organisation as a whole. Because accountants are able to swiftly obtain a clear view of the entire business process within an organisation, they are pre-eminently the ideal person for the interim positions described above. This is why we set up Q-Interim.


Our network consists of qualified interim professionals and advisers from various levels, who will work with you and for you, with an enthusiastic approach. We will be able to find the right professional to help you along, whatever your needs. Depending on your wishes, they could be either professionals from our own organisation, or professionals from our extensive network.


Examples of our activities:

• Temporary support for occasional projects.

• Temporary fulfilment of line management positions or staff positions.

• Analysis of company policies and execution of efficiency assignments.

• Assignments for interim financial director or (assistant) controller.

• Designing risk management systems.

• Improvement processes relating to internal control or management information provision.

• Preparing annual account audits and balance sheets and coaching your employees in this process, to aid the accountant’s audit.

• Analysis of internal information requirements.

• Improvement of internal (periodic) information.

• Offering support with subsidy applications.