Corporate Responsibility

Corporate responsibility

Q-Concepts wants to contribute to creating and maintaining a sustainable society. Where people have the same opportunities, now and in generations to come. Q-Concepts supports organisations in diverse market sectors. This gives us a broad view of developments in society and places us at its centre. We think that our responsibilities are not limited to relations with clients, colleagues, suppliers and regulators. In real terms, our community involvement shows in various areas and ways:


  • We voice our support for fundamental human rights and avoid participation in business activities that contravene human rights.
  • We act in a socially responsible manner, taking into consideration local laws, customs and traditions of the countries we operate in and contribute responsibly to the development of communities.
  • We strive to act in a manner that limits the harmful consequences of our business activities for the environment to a bare minimum. This includes responsible travel and transport, reducing waste and emissions as well as an efficient use of energy.
  • We have formulated our values and norms in a concise manner in our code of conduct. This is to show our stakeholders what Q-Concepts is about and how we operate. The code of conduct also provides a framework for employees and affiliated professionals and guides our day-to-day activities. It is a guarantee for the trust you place in our organisation.