A horizontal and efficient organisation

Quality concepts for accountancy, (interim)advice and (interim)management

Q-Concepts is an efficient, horizontal organisation. Q-Concepts offers quality concepts through service provision within the scope of accountancy, (interim) advice and (interim) management.

Examples include: auditing, miscellaneous audit-related activities, risk management, finance, information management and interim staffing.


A fitting solution for every issue

You are an entrepreneur. You know what you are capable of and what you want and you operate with vision, passion and determination. Insecurities are inherent to being an entrepreneur. How do you assess risks? Where are your boundaries? Is your external financial accountability sufficient and does it give you a timely and accurate internal picture? Are you efficient enough? Are you focusing on the right issues? Which possibilities are there to achieve even better results?


Sustainable cooperation

We would like to work together with you to find solutions to these challenges, and others, to make sure you optimise your business.


This website provides you with detailed information about Q-Concepts and its services

Our company profile contains a brief summary of this information and can be downloaded so you can read it later at your own convenience. We are quick to involve the professionals in our team, but if necessary, we can also call upon advisors from our strategic partners within financial services or from the legal profession, or even experts in fusions and takeovers.


For more information, see: Q-Concepts company profile.