Q-Concepts Accountancy

Q-Concepts Accountancy

The activities that belong to the Q-Concepts Accountancy division are split into “statutory audits” and “audit-related services”.


Statutory audits

You are legally obligated to carry out audits if you meet two of the following criteria for two consecutive years:
Turnover > Euro 8.8 m
Balance sheet total > Euro 4.4 m
Employees > 50

Because of our risk-based approach and sector knowledge we are able to efficiently carry out a high-quality audit at a competitive price. One of the success factors for your company is the trust an audit instils in your business environment, your employees, your customers, your suppliers. The integrity of financial information, the reliability of your information systems and effectiveness of business process control are important requirements for this trust. Our services are aimed at auditing your annual reports, an important factor that underpins the trust of your environment in your company.

A meticulous audit and reliable figures are vital for the success of your business. This is not just essential for your company’s annual reports, but also for the management information that either confirms your methods of operation or stimulates you to adjust these methods. As part of our service provision, we would be delighted to advise you on optimisation of your financial process management, how to best set-up your information systems and a custom-designed management control system: all aimed at reliable information supply, both internally and externally. Of course we will always respect all applicable codes of practice and professional standards, as well as meeting all requirements (including industry regulations).


Industry knowledge; we are specialized in the following branches; food industry, online- and offline retail, construction and real estate.

Q-Concepts lets you choose which level of service suits you best! We offer three basic concepts at a competitive price:

Execution of extraordinary audits (e.g. subsidy audits)


Audit-related services

This broad group of services can be briefly explained through some examples of possible service provision:

  • Internal audits including: financial audits, operational audits, IT audits, compliance audits and project audits.
  • Due Diligence: Research on behalf of mergers and acquisitions. Several of our assurance professionals have gained extensive experience of acquisition research in various branches.
  • Assistance with selling a business (Vendor Assistance).
  • Execution of evaluation- and assembly assignments.
  • Execution of special audit assignments (such as subsidy audits).