Q-Audit Only

Q-Audit Only

For fellow accountancy entrepreneurs

As well as the more traditional accountancy activities, in combination with integral service provision if desired, we can also offer you the unique "Q-Audit Only" concept. Since the introduction of the Wet Toezicht Accountantsorganisaties [Audit Organisations Supervision Act], organisations are only allowed to carry out legal audits if they are in possession of a licence for this service.

It is probable that you are not a qualified accountant but that you are interested in keeping costs low nonetheless. This means it’s necessary to call on the experts. We possess the necessary licences and we respect existing relations.


We can offer you a collaboration whereby part of the activities is carried out by your own organisation or by your present accountant (without power of signature). You choose how and when Q-concepts works for you. If you do more, we do less. And vice versa.


The benefit for you? You don’t need a licence, your organisation or non-licensed accountant can do the bulk of the work, if you wish. However, we guard the quality and shoulder the responsibility. You can also take advantage of our natural advice position. We work closely with your organisation and your non-licensed accountant if necessary, to keep your total costs as low as possible. Benefits for you are: a smaller invoice and coaching and development for your own employees. And no concessions to quality!


Need for more information?

If you own an accountancy firm or administration office and you would like to know more about our Q-Audit Only concept, we would like to invite you to click on the link below: