Solid industry knowledge of the construction and real estate sectors


Sentiment in the construction and real estate sectors


The current economic climate has led to limited financing options and reduced order books in the construction sector. Changes in regulation have also caused price pressure. All this has resulted in fierce pricing competition and lower profit margins. Construction companies are searching for opportunities to escape narrow margins and capacity-thinking. Building projects are marked by high risks, as their execution often involves a large number of parties.



Challenges in the construction and real estate sectors


Industry knowledge; the sector poses various challenges that require knowledge and strategic insight from the companies in this industry. Boudewijn Daris and Cor Pijnenburg from Q-Concepts are a discussion partner for companies in this sector, dealing with various components of business management; sustainability, scale, consolidation, risk management, efficiency improvement.



Vision on the construction and real estate sectors


You can find ourvision on the Dutch construction sector here, based on the Five Forces model (competitive forces model), developed by Michael Porter. The model shows the developments and trends that influence the competitiveness in this sector. Feel free to contact us if you would like a sparring session about the impact of developments in the five forces on the competitive position of your company.


Branch knowledge construction and real estate sectors

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