Broad knowledge of the food sector

The agri-food sector makes up a large part of the Dutch economy.

The food sector represents an important share within the Dutch economy. It is not surprising that the Dutch government has called the agri-food sector one of its top industries. The agri-food sector plays an important role in our everyday lives and is vital in providing us with a varied and healthy diet.


Challenges for the agri-food, food retail and foodservice sectors

Industry knowledge; the sector poses various challenges that require knowledge and strategic insight from the companies in this industry. Martijn Boelhouwers and Cor Pijnenburg from Q-Concepts are discussion partners for companies in this sector, dealing with various components of business management; sustainability, business strategy, scale, consolidation, internationalisation.


Vision on agri-food, food retail and foodservice sectors

You can find our vision on the Dutch agri-food sector here, based on the Five Forces model (competitive forces model), developed by Michael Porter. The model shows the developments and trends that influence the competitiveness in this sector. Feel free to contact us if you would like a sparring session about the impact of developments in the five forces on the competitive position of your company.


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